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Public Communication Launched for the 2050 Net-Zero Goal: Decarbonization of Energy System
Date: 2023-02-10
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On December 17, 2022, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) hosted the Social Dialogue Conference for the 2050 Net-Zero Goal: Decarbonization of the Energy System, which was attended by over 400 participants in total. The hybrid online/offline conference was co-hosted by Deputy Executive Director Lin Tze-luen of the Executive Yuan's Office of Energy and Carbon Reduction, and Deputy Minister Tseng Wen-sheng of MOEA. The conference started with an overview of the power structure based on the scenarios of energy system decarbonization by 2050, and followed with two separate sessions in the morning and after that focused on each strategic plan, including "Wind/Solar PV Energy," "Innovative Energy," "Power System & Energy Storage" and "Hydrogen".

Deputy Minister Tseng expressed in his speech that, to attain net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, renewable energy must make up at least 60-70% of national power generation. Planning the use of land and sea areas for installation of renewable energy generators, the construction of a stable power grid and energy storage technology, and the synchronized amendment of laws and regulations require all parties involved to think systematically and jointly discuss a feasible path of energy transition.

During discussion, experts made suggestions for each strategy. For example, incentives should be provided to accelerate the development of innovative energy sources; citizens should be given more opportunities to be engaged in renewable energy deployment (e.g., citizen power plants); public awareness of energy should be strengthened through education.Furthermore, solar PV energy and energy storage should be installed for onsite usage. A comprehensive hydrogen strategy should be implemented and relevant law and regulations should be improved accordingly, and how to expand participation in demand response and attract talent for building and maintaining new energy systems, etc.

Bureau of Energy promised that the government would work continuously to answer to the public's expectations, perfecting the legal system related to renewable energy, providing a single window of service, and streamlining the administrative procedures involved. Cross-departmental communication and coordination would be further enhanced to follow up on the participants' suggestions on the co-opetition involved in the land and space planning for renewable energy development and economic activities.

Finally, Deputy Minister Tseng pointed out that this conference adopted a new format of discussion, conducting comprehensive and systematic communications on all topics together, and said that this attempt was a good start. He expected that, in planning the energy structure for the next 30 years, each sector was bound to have different ideas and opinions on the plans proposed by the government. He looked forward to continually working toward the goal with people from all sectors through discussion and overcoming the conflicts between scientific theories and reality in the future.

Spokesperson for Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Deputy Director-General, Chun-Li Lee
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