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Taiwan's Offshore Wind Market Matures, Continually Attracting International Developers
Date: 2023-04-10
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Regarding the recent media reports on Japanese company JERA's withdrawal from Formosa 3 offshore wind power project and intent to sell its 44% stake, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) would like to clarify as follows:

Earlier, JERA Energy Taiwan has already issued a public statement expressing its firm commitment to the current projects in Taiwan and its determination to work with its partners to jointly ensure successful delivery and operation of each project and continue to contribute to Taiwan's energy transition.

The MOEA reiterates its determination to promote offshore wind power. The recent selection of wind farm developers marks a new step in Taiwan's energy transition as it enters the Zonal Development phase. Regarding the media reports, the MOEA welcomes and respects investments from companies worldwide, and JERA Energy Taiwan is also an important partner. The MOEA further expressed as follows:

1.JERA Energy Taiwan is still investing in Taiwan's offshore wind projects, holding 32.5% stake in Formosa 1 and 49% stake in Formosa 2, and is dedicated to working with its partners to achieve success in the construction, execution, and maintenance of these projects.
2.A renowned European company has expressed strong interest in participating in Formosa 3 and taking over JERA's stake.

3.The MOEA emphasizes that the government's clear offshore wind development goals and supportive policies have successfully attracted well-known international developers from countries such as the United States, Canada, France, and Japan. This influx of investment, including from both the public and private sectors, will inject new energy into Taiwan's offshore wind projects, and there are no concerns about geopolitical issues affecting the development.

4.To meet future domestic green energy demand and support the development of local industry supply chains, the MOEA plans to release offshore wind capacity of 1.5 GW per annum from 2026 to 2035 and continues to steadily promote the Phase 3 Zonal Development of offshore wind installations.

Offshore wind power, regarded as a relatively mature and commercially viable technology, is one of the critical paths of global net-zero transition. Taiwan has also included offshore wind power as one of the twelve strategies for net-zero transition, and will strive to achieve the policy goals of strengthening energy security, innovating green economy, and promoting environmental sustainability.

The MOEA reiterates its adherence to strict, fair, and impartial principles in its oversight of Zonal Development review and selection processes. By ensuring that excellent developers invest in Taiwan's offshore wind projects within the framework of relevant regulations and administrative procedures, Taiwan aims to realize a co-prosperity vision of energy security, green economy, and environmental sustainability.

Spokesperson for Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Deputy Director-General, Chun-Li Lee
Phone: 02-2775-7702
Mobile: 0936-250-838

Business Contact: Director, Chung-Hsien Chen
Phone: 02-2775-7770
Mobile: 0919-998-339
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