Guidance for Natural Gas Safety

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1. Using gas safely
(1) Be aware of gas leakage.
(2)Adhere to the safety principle "turn off your gas whenever as leaving gas appliances unattended".
a. Do not leave the gas appliances unattended when using gas.
b. Turn off your gas when you go to bed.
c. To prevent gas incidents, always turn off the main gas valve when you are out or without using the gas in the short period of time.
(3)To avoid incomplete combustion, ensure a good ventilation when using gas appliances.
a. When gas burns with sufficient air fluence, the flame is intense and stable with blue or blue-violet color. If not , the flame would be yellow,thus may causes a carbon monoxide poisoning.
b. When gas burns with excessive air fluence, the flame is short and flickering, that would easily be flame-out.
(4)To prevent that boil-over and spills splash stove fire off when cooking soup or boiling water, do not overfill the pot.
(5)Once fail to ignite a gas appliance after many tries. Turn off gas knob for a while first. Then ignite again after gas being volatilized.
(6)Regular cleaning, maintenance and inspection of your gas appliances to prevent gas burning unusual.
2. Emergency procedures for gas incidents
(1)What to do if gas leaks?
a. Shut off all of the knobs of gas stoves, gas heaters, and the main gas valve of supply pipeline.
b. Open all the doors and windows in a gentle manner to evacuate gas via ventilation A crucial manner may cause collision or friction from the movement of door or window, that may hit a spark to ignite the leaked gas.
c. In case of gas leakage occurred, avoid using any electrical switches and appliances such as light switches, exhaust fans, range hoods etc., in such case, any electric spark may trigger an explosion.
d. To accelerate to blow out the leaked gas by using of fans or other hand tool to force air to be disturbed and gas to be dispersed.
e. If gas leakage from gas appliances or pipelines continuously, all people in the house should be evacuated immediately and dial local town gas company telephone number or 119 (emergency telephone number) for help.
f. If the situation of gas leakage is not serious, you can block the leak with some stuff (like tape, rag, clay etc.) so that the leakage can be stopped temporally.
g. Keep alert and prohibit any fire-sources (match, light switches, smoking, and etc.). And do not try to use the gas appliance before the situation be restored.
(2)What to do if gas leaking causes fire?
a. Shut off all gas valves as you can.
b. To use a multi-purpose fire extinguisher or a wet towel to put on fire if the situation is allowable.
c. If in immediate danger, exit the premises straightaway and call 119 for rescue.
(3)What to do if carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning occurred?
a. Incase of CO poisoning occurred, open all the doors and windows of house immediately for fresh air ventilating.
b. Move the victim to a place where fresh air circulated and let him/her lying down on the floor calmly and covered with blanket to keep warm. Check and Remove dentures from his/her mouth.
c. Apply artificial respiration, CPR or provide oxygen mask immediately if the victim has difficulty in breathing or in a state of coma.
d. Call ambulance and hospitalize the victim as a first priority.
"Gas is very convenient to use in our daily life. No accident occurs if we use it in a proper way". Natural gas is a clean, convenient and economic energy. However, accidents occur easily if we use it with an improper or a careless manner, or poor management. Therefore, it is an important learning topic for residents who use gas as household fuel should have basic knowledge of gas safety rules and ability to response emergency quickly. After all, Safety is our responsibility and all of us should do our efforts to achieve Gas Safety.

Update: 2022-11-07
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