What is the current status of international energy cooperation involving Taiwan? What is the prospect of the cooperation?

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Lack of natural energy resources, Taiwan relies heavily on imports for more than 98 percent of its energy, leaving the island's energy supply vulnerable to external global disruption. In pursuit of energy security, efficiency and cleanness, Taiwan has been working closely with other economies to promote in-depth multilateral and bilateral cooperation in the field of energy.
At multilateral level, Taiwan has been actively participating in the WTO negotiations and the APEC cooperation. In the WTO, Taiwan remains actively involved in the energy services negotiations. In the APEC Energy Working Group, Taiwan has been playing a constructive role through proposing and implementing a number of initiatives and serving as the Chairman of sub-group or a member of the Task Force. We believe all these efforts will also contribute to Taiwan’s economic development and raise our global presence and visibility.
At bilateral level, Taiwan has actively promoting cooperation with the United States, Japan, Australia, Denmark, Germany and Indonesia. The governments of Australia and Taiwan have engaged in close bilateral cooperation in the minerals and energy sectors with annual Meeting of the Taiwan-Australia Joint Energy and Minerals, Trade and Investment Cooperation Consultations (JEMTIC). The governments of Japan and Taiwan have continued dialogues through the annual Taiwan-Japan Joint Seminar on Energy Cooperation. In addition, since 2012, the Bureau of Energy have been co-chaired annual seminar on relevant energy issues with AIT. Through intensive discussions and exchange of opinions during the meetings, we have deepened and expanded the scope of bilateral cooperation gradually. In the future, Taiwan will keep seeking opportunities for energy cooperation with other countries with potential.

Update: 2023-06-07
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