Stable Supply of Natural Gas

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Taiwan imports about 99% of natural gas. To ensure a stable supply of natural gas, the government has been taking the following measures:
1.Currently, there are two LNG receiving terminals owned by CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC). Based on the infrastructure expansion and newly-constructed projects, there will be five LNG receiving terminals in the future which will meet the natural gas demand and achieve the energy target that gas power generation accounts 50% of overall power generation.
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2.In response to occasional interruptions of LNG importing countries or temporally delays caused by weather conditions, the government has required natural gas import enterprise to reserve security stockpile of natural gas since 2018. Accordingly, the security stockpile required is at least 7 days in 2019 and will be at least 14 days in 2027, the storage capacity required is at least 15 days in 2019 and will be at least 24 days in 2027.
Security Stockpile Required
Year 2019 2022 2025 2027
Security Stockpile Required
(in terms of daily gas supply)
7 8 11 14
Storage Capacity Required 15 16 20 24

Update: 2022-11-07
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