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The energy cooperation between Taiwan and the UK is mainly on offshore wind power, and also including ocean energy, carbon capture and storage, smart cities, nuclear power, smart grids, green energy saving, green investment and financing, and geothermal within the scope of bilateral energy exchanges.
"The Taiwan-UK Renewable Energy Roundtable Meeting" (the 11th and 18th session was renamed "UK-Taiwan Renewable Energy Conference") has been held annually by the Energy Administration, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and the British Office Taipei since 2006. The topics of discussion over the years included FIT, offshore wind energy, ocean energy, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen energy, fuel cells, grid stability and energy storage, etc. Non-governmental units were also invited to join the meetings to promote further cooperation on technological development. During the past few years around 12 memorandums of understanding (MOU) were signed. The cooperation projects include wind turbine control system, wind turbine drive system design, wave power generation equipment evaluation, site analysis, training, and ocean energy test sites, etc.
In order to expand exchanges and cooperation and further enhance bilateral relations in the field of energy, the high-level "Taiwan-UK Energy Dialogue" was set up since 2018, in which both sides exchanged views on overall energy issues and development policies.
The Taiwan-UK Renewable Energy Roundtable Meeting
No. Place Date
1st Taiwan 30 Nov.-01 Dec. 2006
2nd The UK 07-12 Oct. 2007
3rd Taiwan 03-04 Nov. 2008
4th The UK 04-10 Oct. 2009
5th Taiwan 18-19 Oct. 2010
6th The UK 25 Jun.-03 Jul. 2011
7th Taiwan 11-12 Oct. 2012
8th The UK 08-16 Jun. 2013
9th Taiwan 06-07 Nov. 2014
10th The UK 22-26 Jun. 2015
11th Taiwan 30 May 2016
12th Taiwan 19 Oct. 2017
13th The UK 05-16 Jun. 2018
14th Taiwan 15 Nov. 2019
15th Taiwan (Hybrid Meeting) 18 Sep. 2020
16th Taiwan (Hybrid Meeting) 01 Sep. 2021
17th The UK 09-17 Sep. 2022
18th Taiwan 22 Sep. 2023
Taiwan-UK Energy Dialogue
No. Place Date
1st The UK 05-16 Jun. 2018
2nd Taiwan (Hybrid Meeting) 05 Feb. 2020
3rd Taiwan (Hybrid Meeting) 06 Jul. 2021
4th Taiwan (Hybrid Meeting) 05 Jul 2022
5th The UK 13 Jun. 2023

Update: 2024-02-15
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