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The Joint Energy and Minerals, Trade and Investment Cooperation Consultations (JEMTIC) was set up since1993 and targeted to enhance the bilateral relations between Australia and Taiwan, to establish an official channel for dialogues, and to promote further cooperation on trade, investment and technology in the energy and minerals sectors. Areas of discussion included: policy developments, clean and renewable energy, resources cooperation, investment and trade opportunities, and enhancement of bilateral cooperation between Taiwan and Australia. In the 16th meeting, the MoU on Cooperation within the Area of Energy and Minerals was signed to serve as foundation for bilateral cooperation. Under the MoU, annual action plan for strategic partnership is signed and regularly reviewed for its implementation. In the 20th and 25th meeting, the MoU was extended for another five years.
No Place Date
1st Canberra, Australia 10-17 Dec. 1993
2nd Taipei, Taiwan 1-4 Nov. 1994
3rd Canberra, Australia 10-17 Feb. 1996
4th Taipei, Taiwan 19-22 May 1997
5th Canberra, Australia 25 Apr.-1 May 1998
6th Taipei, Taiwan 13-16 Apr. 1999
7th Perth, Australia 8-13 Aug. 2000
8th Taipei, Taiwan 6-9 Aug. 2001
9th Canberra, Australia 11-15 Nov. 2002
10th Taipei, Taiwan 27-31 Oct. 2003
11th Hunter Valley, Australia 14-16 Dec. 2004
12th Hualien, Taiwan 28 Feb.-1 Mar. 2006
13th Sydney, Australia 22-23 Mar. 2007
14th Taoyuan, Taiwan 8-9 Sep. 2008
15th Brisbane, Australia 29-30 Jul. 2009
16th Taichung, Taiwan 30-31 Aug. 2010
17th Gold Coast, Australia 11-13 Aug. 2011
18th Kaohsiung, Taiwan 4-5 Sep. 2012
19th Canberra, Australia 30-31 Oct. 2013
20th Darwin, Australia 2-3 Sep. 2015
21st Hualien, Taiwan 6-7 Sep. 2016
22nd Canberra, Australia 13-14 Sep. 2017
23rd Taipei, Taiwan 28-29 Aug. 2018
24th Brisbane, Australia 28-29 Aug. 2019
25th Taipei, Taiwan (virtual meeting) 12 Nov. 2020
26th Canberra, Australia (virtual meeting) 8 Sep. 2021
27th Taipei, Taiwan (virtual meeting) 19 July 2022
28th Brisbane, Australia) 27-28 July 2023

Update: 2023-12-13
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