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Having similar industrial structure and energy situation, Taiwan and Japan see the value of learning from each other and decided to extend partnership to the energy field in 2001 by holding the annual Taiwan-Japan Joint Seminar on Energy Cooperation. The seminar serves as a platform for governmental officers, researchers, and experts to exchange experience, ideas, knowledge, observation, and perspective about the most concerned energy issues of the year.
During the past seminars, discussion topics include overall energy policy, electricity market reform, measures for developing renewable energy and energy efficiency, global trends and cooperation opportunities in LNG market, policies for promoting energy investment, nuclear energy, and technologies of solar power, wind power, bioenergy, ocean energy, fuel cells, hydrogen,clean coal, carbon capture and usage, smart meter, and smart grid.
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1st Taipei, Taiwan 5 Oct. 2001
2nd Tokyo, Japan 2002
3rd Tokyo, Japan 15 Apr. 2004
4th Taipei, Taiwan 7 Feb. 2006
5th Tokyo, Japan 13 Sep. 2007
6th Taipei, Taiwan 15 Oct. 2009
7th Tokyo, Japan 15 Feb. 2011
8th Taipei, Taiwan 19 Mar. 2012
9th Tokyo, Japan 28 Mar. 2013
10th Taipei, Taiwan 17 Apr. 2014
11th Tokyo, Japan 9 Apr. 2015
12th Taipei, Taiwan 20 Apr. 2016
13th Tokyo, Japan 5 Apr. 2017
14th Taipei, Taiwan 19 Apr. 2018
15th Tokyo, Japan 10 Apr. 2019
16th Taipei, Taiwan (virtual meeting) 17 Nov. 2020
17th Tokyo, Japan (virtual meeting) 1 Dec. 2021
18th Taipei, Taiwan (virtual meeting) 24 Nov. 2022

Update: 2023-12-13
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